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What is barium sulphide?

Barium sulphide is the inorganic compound with the formula BaS. BaS is an important precursor to other barium compounds including BaCO3 and the pigment lithopone, ZnS/BaSO4

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Chemical safety precautions

Safety glasses are to be worn whenever working with acids, bases, or any flammable materials.

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How to use barium carbonate salt?

Barium carbonate (BaCO3), also known as witherite, is a chemical compound used in rat poison, bricks, ceramic glazes and cement.

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What industry using Sodium Hydro Sulphide?

Sodium hydrosulfide is the chemical compound with the formula NaHS. This compound is the product of the half neutralization of hydrogen sulfide with sodium hydroxide.

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What is Barium Peroxide?

Barium peroxide is the inorganic compound with the formula BaO2. This white solid (gray when impure) is one of the most common inorganic peroxides, and it was the first peroxide compound discovered.

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What is Sodium Sulphide Iron Flakes?

Sodium Sulphide is a co-product in the manufacture of Barium Carbonate. The solution of Sodium Sulphide obtained from the process is concentrated to 6-18% and is available at different percentages in tanker loads.

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