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Sodium Hydro Sulphide

Sodium Hydro Sulphide Suppliers

Sodium hydrosulfide is a yellow chemical compound with the formula NaHS. It has a low melting point of 350 °C. It’s obtained by half-neutralization of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) with sodium hydroxide. Generally NaHS undergoes two phase transitions. Below 360 K, a rhombohedral structure forms, and Below 114 K, the structure becomes monoclinic. The sodium hydrosulfide is obtained by iodometric titration, exploiting the ability of HS− to reduce I2.Thousand tons of NaHS are produced annually. Its main uses are in cloth and paper manufacture as a makeup chemical for sulfur used in the Kraft process, as a flotation agent in copper mining where it is used to activate oxide mineral species, and in the leather industry for the removal of hair from hides.

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Appearance: Pale yellow liquid smells like H2S due to hydrolysis by atmosphere applications

Formula: NaHS


For removing hairs from hides

As a floating agent

As a makeup chemical

In the leather industry for de-hairing of hides

As a flotation agent in copper mining

Mainly in paper manufacture as a makeup chemical for sulfur

In the kraft process

Chemical Analysis

NaHS Content30% + 1%
Na2S Content< 1%
Iron as Fe 0.20%
NaOH Nil