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Barium Hydroxide


Barium hydroxide are chemical compounds with the chemical formula Ba(OH)2(H2O)x. When reacting with carbon dioxide it gives barium carbonate. Barium hydroxide can be prepared by dissolving barium oxide (BaO) in water. It crystallizes as the octahydrate, which converts to the monohydrate when heating with air. It’s a corrosive and toxic compound and has a strong bases and its water soluble. Barium hydroxide is used in organic synthesis as a strong base agent. It decomposes to barium oxide when heated to 800 °C. It is used as the precursor to other barium compounds. Barium hydroxide is used in analytical chemistry for the titration of organic acids.

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Appearance: Crystalline Substance

Formula: Ba(OH)2


Used in the manufacture of Barium chemicals.

Used in the production of photographic paper for printing.

Used in analytical chemistry for the titration oif weak organic acids.

Chemical Analysis

Purity 98% min
Carbonates BaCo3 2% max
Chlorides (Cl) 0.5% max
Insolubles in HCl 0.05% max
Iron as Fe 20 ppm max
Strontium as Sr 0.4% max
Heavy Metals (as Pb)5 ppm max
Sodium as Na 300 ppm max