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Barium Peroxide

Barium peroxide is formed in nature in the form of powdery substance. Barium peroxide is a white solid inorganic compound with the formula BaO2. It’s the first peroxide compound discovered. Barium peroxide was once used to produce hydrogen peroxide via its reaction with sulfuric acid. It is obtained by the reversible reaction of O2 with barium oxide. The peroxide forms around 500 °C and oxygen is released above 820 °C. It is used in fireworks and used as a precursor for hydrogen peroxide. This chemical compound is water insoluble but more soluble in acids.

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Appearance: Tan Color

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Primarily used as an oxidizer in various ordnance and pyrotechnic mixtures

Also extensively used in Hair Dyes

Further, used for the processing of oxygen and hydrogen peroxide

If combined with aluminum, it is used in the welding industry

Chemical Analysis

CAS No.1304-29-6
SpecificationsBarium Peroxide 88 -90 ± 2%
Free Iron (Fe)0.05% Max
Free Carbonates2.00% Max
Free Chlorides0.50% Max
Active Oxygen8.50% Min
Water Insoluble Mater0.10% Max